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Hello, I'm James Roberson

I love Christ, my wife and my children. I have been called to plant churches within the urban context in the New York City Metro Area. First stop: Brooklyn.

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Transforming the City by Making Disciples

The Mission of The Bridge Church is to transform New York City by making disciples.

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Why Brooklyn?

We have been called to plant a church in Brooklyn, NY. But we are not stopping there.

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The Bridge Partnership

Would you like to be part of what God is doing through The Bridge Church?

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Hi, I'm James. I'm planting a church in New York. Learn More

The Bridge Timeline

In December 2012, the Lord began to make His call on our lives a tangible reality. We are being led to Brooklyn, NY to start planting churches in the New York Metro Area. We have established some goals that only God could fit into.

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Be a part of God's work in New York. Be a part of The Bridge Partnership.

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Our goal is to plant seven churches in the New York City Metro Area and Westchester by 2020. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.


From James' Blog

Keep up with updates on The Bridge Church, devotionals, social commentary and book reviews.

Why Christians need to relax about gay marriage….

  So with the Defense of Marriage Act being struck down I figured that I might as well add to the conversation with a thought about our role in this world.  Three short points for my ADD brethren   Here goes: 1.  God wants his people to love people.   Jesus loved ostracized people like tax collectors, prostitues, and lepers (Matt 11:19).  These were seriously the last people in the world that the religious community wanted to be around.  No joke.  Bottom of the barrel.  So to think that THE most holy person that has ever walked the face of the earth actually built …
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Pray for the “5/ 15/ 50/ 500”

Hello all, as you may know we are reaching Brooklyn, NY.  Right now our Church plant is in the gathering season.  That basically means we need to create a buzz that we are in Brooklyn.  We do this by building relationships with churches so we can fund our outreach efforts.  We also invite our neighbors to cookouts & celebrations.  We do a weekly Bible study and we have a weekly leadership meeting.  Our goal is to gather a solid core of people to launch our Church next year.  So in turn we have created some goals for the end of the …
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